The principles that guide our actions

Convena follows a fundamental code of ethics, both internally and externally. Trust and respect within the Convena team and in cooperation with our partners form the foundation on which our company operates

We deal with our business partners with the utmost honesty and reliability, whether they are customers, suppliers or investors. We attach great value and importance to our business relations, and strive to establish the foundations for long-lasting partnerships. The staff at Convena boast a high degree of personal and professional skills to enable them to perform all their business transactions efficiently and cooperatively. Together with our partners, we seek to create business relations that are beneficial to all involved. In doing so, we ensure that the Convena guiding principles and those of our business partners are upheld and complement each other. Convena works with long-term perspectives and avoids any risky or speculative business.

The Convena team is the backbone of our economic success, and we therefore greatly appreciate and respect every single member of our staff. We offer our employees a trusting and stable working atmosphere where the rights of all individuals are respected. At Convena, we want our employees to grasp opportunities and challenges in equal measure. We welcome and encourage proactivity and the power of innovation. Employees are expected to develop their skills while achieving their individually set targets. Our customers have come to appreciate both the personal and professional skills of our staff, and view them as a sign of our quality.

The Management and all employees of CONVENA® Polymers undertake to maintain and continuously improve the established quality management system acc.  to ISO 9001 in order to always ensure the high quality of our services and products for our customers.