High-performance thermoplastics are ideally suited for reuse. With high-quality recyclates, ambitious CO2 reduction targets can be achieved quickly and cost-effectively. Convena Polymers offers PIR recyclates of relevant high-performance plastics such as PFA, ETFE, PVDF, PEEK and PPS for this purpose. For our PPS RS-1340 GF40 we have now completed our first CO2 balance sheet in cooperation with the SKZ (see PDF below). This certifies a CO2e saving compared to PPS GF40 virgin material of 4.44kg CO2e (-87.8%).

For the production of our high-quality CONflon® and CONvena® regranulates, we regularly buy correctly sorted excess productions (sprues, mill feed, recycled materials, chippings, shavings, lumps, panel waste pieces, hard stock etc.).

Our main regranulates include PFA, PFAm, ETFE and PVDF in diffferent grades and colors, PPS GF40 as well as PEEK semi finished rods extruded from regranulate.



  • Please find the carbon footprint of PPS RS-1340 here.