About Convena®

“Convena” is taken from Latin and means “convene” – an appropriate name for a company that brings people and solutions closer together.

The owner Jörg Ahrens founded the company in 1994 and, together with his team, developed it into Europe’s largest independent fluoropolymer trader. The Convena team uses its excellent contacts and keen grasp of global economic developments to trade on the international stage and offer individual customer services, such as the procurement and distribution of fluoropolymers, granulates, powders and semifinished products, as well as customer-oriented consultation services regarding further processing. In the past few years, Convena’s own brand “Conflon” has become a synonym for quality in the world of fluoropolymers. The high-quality Conflon regranulates are made exclusively from processed raw materials from leading producers and are subject to strict quality controls.

From its headquarters in Hamburg, Convena operates throughout the world. We respect local customs and traditions in all our business transactions. Based on values such as reliability and uncompromising customer-orientation, Convena has built up an outstanding reputation amongst customers and suppliers – business partners in over 20 countries around the world place their faith in Convena and appreciate the cultural awareness and wide-ranging expertise of the Convena team. Trust and respect within the Convena team and in cooperation with our partners form the foundation on which this owner-run company is managed.

Finding the right solution for the customer’s needs and acting as a mediator between the producer and the customer – that is the basis for Convena’s continued success. We make sure that the right things are done at the right time.