PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride)

PVDF has hardly any tendency towards cold flow, and therefore remains dimensionally stable even when subject to pressure. This is the key difference to other fluoropolymers. Other properties of PVDF include low smoke generation, no flame development, mechanical strength and hardness, high abrasion resistance, good temperature stability and good chemical resistance. PVDF is resistant to UV light and radiation, and displays minimal permeability to most gases and liquids. There are two main types of PVDF; one is very rigid and hard, while the other is extremely flexible.

Examples of how PVDF is used include:
chemical pumps, chemical containers, container lining, chimney pipes/lining, packings and tanks.

Operating temperature: -60 to +150°C

We are also offering PVDF in powder form for coatings and for use as thickeners/binders for electrolyte slurries and cathode binder for Li-ion batteries.

Guide to the safe handling of fluoropolymer resins