FEP (Fluorinated ethylene propylene)

FEP is highly resistant to chemicals, as well as to aging and climatic influences. This polymer also boasts good dielectric properties with a minimal dielectric constant. A small friction coefficient testifies to the material’s nonstick properties. FEP is conventionally thermoplastically processed. It is a transparent polymer that remains elastic at low temperatures. As with all fluoropolymers, FEP can be steam-sterilized or chemically sterilized. Our CONflon FEP has FDA approval for contact with foodstuffs.

Its high degree of transparency makes FEP ideal for use in inspection glasses and measuring systems. Combined with its nonstick properties, FEP is perfect for liquid handling systems in the food industry. The main area of application is in the cable and wire industry (flame protection).

Operating temperature: -200 to +205°C
Melting temperature: +245 to +280°C

Guide to the safe handling of fluoropolymer resins