22.01.2018 LCP

Delacamp AG takes over the marketing and distribution of Seyang LCP in Europe

With Seyang Polymer Corporation of South Korea, a country known for its high-tech electronics industry, a new player enters the field of Liquid Crystal Polymers (LCP). Seyang Polymer Corporation was founded in 1985 as a technical support and distribution partner for DuPont. The company has been operating its own compounding plants since 1997 and began, as the only manufacturer from South Korea, to commercially produce LCP on its own production facilities with its own EP emulsion polymerization technology in 2016. "Seyang LCP perfectly complements our product portfolio of high-performance plastics. In addition to PEEK and PEI, LCP now offers another non-fluorinated high-performance plastic in addition to our classic fluoroplastics PFA, PVDF, FEP, PTFE, ETFE and ECTFE", explains Volker Kappius, CEO of Delacamp AG.